iRIS is extremely incompatible with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer version 10 and above. The CHR has had reports of serious issues resulting from use of these browsers, including irretrievable loss of data (even after saving) and the disappearance of key buttons in iRIS.
Internal (on-site) adverse events must now be submitted within 5-working days of UCSF PI awareness vs. 10 days previously.
The CHR office is implementing consistent minimum submission standards that will enable CHR staff to focus on well-prepared applications, resulting in faster reviews and approvals overall.

On April 4, 2014 we announced the start of a Lean process improvement project for Committee on Human Research’s (CHR) office to improve the application and approval process for new studies. Details about the project are available on the project website.

The CHR has published minor changes to the Study Application, Initial Review Submission Packet Form, the Modification Form, the Continuing Review Form, the Protocol Violation/Incident Reporting Form and the Adverse Event Reporting Form.
Effective 2/3/14, the following three changes affecting studies involving CTSI CRS Centers or Services will be implemented: 1. CRS Center Utilization Review form moving offline and out of iRIS, 2. Sequential Routing of New Studies in iRIS, and 3. New Modification Form Question Screening for Addition of CRS Centers or Services.