Batch of iRIS Emails Sent Unintentionally on April 9, 2021

What Happened?

Late today, Friday April 9th, our iRIS vendor discovered an unknown number of iRIS communications that had been sent to study teams by HRPP analysts over the last several years, but which got “stuck” in their email server and therefore never reached the recipients at the time. Without our prior knowledge, the vendor released these emails today. This resulted in a mass emailing of previously undelivered messages.

From what we have been able to determine, these email messages are dated and no longer relevant.


How Do I Know if This Applies to Me?

If you received an email on April 9th from [email protected] with a subject line containing [unique email id: %XXXXXXXX%]” it is likely that you are an unintended recipient of one of these dated emails.


What Action Should I Take?

If you did receive an email, read the content of it. If it is about something that has already been addressed, disregard it. If it is an unresolved issue regarding a submission that is currently in process, proceed to address the communication as instructed.