Introducing the New HRPP Website

The HRPP website has a new look! The new site is designed to adhere to UCSF branding identity standards, meet the highest standards for web accessibility, and look great on all types of devices and browsers.

What has changed

  • Visual layout, images and colors
  • Information is organized differently than it was on the previous site. Please review the navigation guide for instructions on how to find information on the new site.
  • What has not changed
  • The URL is still
  • The website content has not changed

If you have bookmarked pages or documents from our previous site: Some links were slightly altered during the migration to the new layout. If you use an old bookmark and it does not bring you to the intended page, it means that the link has changed. In such cases, please locate the page/document on our website and update the bookmark with the new link.

As always, you can submit feedback using the “Website Feedback” button located in the lower right corner of our site. We appreciate you notifying us of broken links, missing information, and other feedback that can help us improve your experience.