iRIS System is Back Online - Welcome to iRIS 11!

iRIS is Back Online!
Version 11 of iRIS is now live. The iRIS platform has been upgraded with improved functionality and a new home screen.
Help is available!
The iRIS-Help section of the website has been updated with five new interactive tutorials and a flat-guide for the new UI (User Interface). The five interactive tutorials are all linked directly below and include:
· What an IRB is
· Who the UCSF IRB is
· Determining whether you research requires IRB review
· What to expect during the review process
· The lifecycle of an IRB submission
· Navigate the IRB Workspace in iRIS
· Track a study and identify the IRB analyst
· Locate your approval letter
· Navigate the Study Dashboard
· Find consent forms and other study documents
· Save a PDF of a study
· Create a new study application
· Complete the Initial Review Submission Packet
· Attach relevant documents to your study
· Track your submission
· Submit your study to the IRB for approval
· Access an approved study
· Start a new IRB submission form
· Revise an approved study application
· Compare document versions for changes
· Complete the Review Response Submission Form
· Revise the study application and consent forms
· Add and remove documents
· Signoff and submit
· Retract a submission
If you have questions about the iRIS update, please contact the IRB at 415-476-1814 or [email protected]