iRIS System Performance Issues

To: iRIS Users (IRB and eProposal)

Re: iRIS System Performance Issues

The iRIS system is experiencing intermittent performance issues, and we are working with the vendor to identify and correct the problems. There is no need to report iRIS slowness to us, but please do notify us if you receive error messages or experience apparent bugs.

Specific Issue of Note: In the Add Key Study Personnel (KSP) section of the application, the search tool for adding KSP is currently only able to search for users with iRIS accounts (rather than searching the larger pool of KSP with MyAccess accounts). If a name does not appear in your KSP search, please ask the KSP to create their iRIS account by following these instructions: Logging into iRIS for the First Time. MyAccess login may be required to open the instructions.