iRIS System Upgrade: Details

The iRIS system has been successfully upgraded and now includes the following changes:

  • Improved process for attaching active consent forms to a Continuing Review form
  • New process for adding key study personnel to the application
  • New ability to set up ‘Personnel Pools’
  • Enhanced document management
  • New two-click method of closing Exempt studies
  • Updated submission status tracking
  • New tutorials for navigating the iRIS home page and initiating common IRB tasks

Please review the attached summary of system changes. It contains important information about the above changes, known issues, and how the upgrade may affect you. This document is also available on the iRIS Help Site (MyAccess Login required).

The following help guides have been developed to assist you with the new system features. They are available in the “IRB iRIS Quick Guides” section of the iRIS Help Site and via the “Help” icon at the top of the iRIS home screen:

Finally, the following tutorials are accessible via the “Tutorials” icon at the top of the iRIS home screen:

  • Overview: How to Navigate My iRIS Home Screen
  • Start a New IRB Application
  • Start a Submission Form (e.g., Modification, Continuing Review, Protocol Violation, etc.)
  • Find My Outstanding IRB Tasks
  • Find My IRB Approval Letters
  • Find Currently Approved IRB Documents
  • Close an Exempt Study

If you have questions about the iRIS update, please contact the IRB by submitting an Ask Andy query.