Moving to Mission Bay? How/When to Update Your CHR Study Materials

The UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay is on track to open in February 2015, which means many researchers will have a new address soon.

Generally speaking, you do not need to submit a modification to CHR solely to update your location. Instead, update the study location in the following materials the next time you submit a modification or at the time of continuing review.

Consent Documents

  • Update the study location in the “What will happen if I take part in this research study?” section and any other sections that reference the location of the research or researchers.
  • If you consent subjects before the study location modification is approved, verbally inform subjects of the change. Document the communication in your research records. Re-consent is not generally necessary after the modification is approved.

CHR Application

  • Sites section: Check “Mission Bay” and delete any old study sites.
  • If necessary, update other sections that reference a location where study activities will take place, such as Procedures, Recruitment, Establishing a Specimen Bank, etc. 

Recruitment Materials

  • Revise your recruitment materials if they reference a specific research location. Note: If you are actively recruiting new subjects, submit a modification now to update these items.

Note: If your study is in data analysis, you do not need to update your study materials. Please contact the CHR with questions at 415-476-1814 or [email protected].