New IRB Application Debuts January 19th

iRIS Gets Smarter!!!
In response to feedback from the research community, the UCSF IRB has completely revamped its application for new submissions. Our goal was to create a streamlined application that would both simplify and accelerate the IRB review process for investigators. We are excited to launch the new application on January 19th with the following improvements:
  • New ‘show/hide’ technology allows iRIS to display only the questions relevant to your research design, greatly shortening the length of the application for most users
  • New questions specific to social and behavioral research activities
  • Questions rewritten for clarity with additional instructions provided
  • Many free text questions replaced with multiple choice alternatives
  • More intuitive format now follows the NIH Grant format
  • Guidance pops up when iRIS detects conflicting responses to questions
With these and other changes, submissions to the IRB Office will be easier and result in fewer requests for more information from IRB reviewers.
Mark your calendar: 
This new application will be available Monday, January 19!