Request for Proposals - CTSI TrialSpark Evaluation Program

The following message was forwarded on behalf of the CTSI. Please see below for contact and application information.
Request for Proposals
CTSI TrialSpark Evaluation Program
Deadline: December 7, 2015
Award announcements: December 17, 2015
Award period: January 1, 2016-June 30, 2016
CTSI is evaluating technology services that have the potential to help clinical trials meet recruitment goals and is requesting proposals to help evaluate the online recruitment portal TrialSpark.
TrialSpark is a clinical trial recruiting system that helps investigators recruit participants for clinical trials more efficiently. TrialSpark uses data, analytics, machine-learning and social media to selectively engage the specific patient groups and demographics needed for a particular study. TrialSpark also provides tools to streamline recruitment, prescreening, and scheduling, while empowering researchers with the data they need to identify recruitment bottlenecks and understand which of their recruitment and outreach methods are most effective. The platform is integrated across mobile/tablet/desktop devices; stores information in a HIPAA compliant manner; and allows for point of care, in-person, and remote enrollment. You can visit for an overview of services.
Program Scope
Studies selected for this evaluation program will be provided a standard TrialSpark license and subscription for up to 6 months. Study teams will have the option to continue the service contract under their own funding if the pilot is successful and recruitment will continue beyond the evaluation period. Standard TrialSpark services include:

1) TrialSpark Enterprise Recruitment Management System

-Cloud-Based Management System
-TrialSpark Landing Page
-Customization of System for Recruitment Workflow
-Streamlined Prescreening
-Recruitment Data Capture Tools
-Email, Reminders, and Messaging Customization

2) Customer Support, Recruitment Consultation, and Database Maintenance

-Customer support
-Site and database management and maintenance
-Storing and maintaining data in HIPAA compliant database
-Customization and edits or changes
-Recruitment feedback and consultation
-Real-time analytics
-Recruitment adjustment support
-Design consultation

3) Social and Online Media Campaign Creation, Deployment and Management

-Custom-designed social media advertisements
-Optimization of advertising deployment
-Advertisement monitoring and adjustments

Advertising fees are not included in the TrialSpark service agreement and are not provided as part of the evaluation program.

Eligibility Criteria
Study Team
Investigators and staff must be willing to collaborate with CTSI to evaluate TrialSpark and will share a deidentified TrialSpark dashboard with the CTSI project team. The study team will provide a final report summarizing their experience using TrialSpark for recruitment. Preference will be given to study teams with experience using various recruitment approaches.
Study Profile
We will give priority to clinical trials that:
  • Are currently recruiting or starting recruitment by January 30, 2016
  • Are recruiting participants with a common condition or illness.
  • Have enrollment open to non-UCSF patients
To apply
Please submit your proposal by 5:00 pm December 7, 2015.
Please contact Jennifer Creasman ([email protected]) or Molly Belinski ([email protected]) with questions.