Resolution: iRIS Notification Emails

June 14, 2019

Problem and Resolution re: Notifications Emails Not Sent


What Happened

The iRIS system experienced a glitch where automated email notifications to study teams have not been going out since 5/15/19.  These emails are courtesy reminders about actions you need to take regarding: 

  • Approaching expiration dates
  • Upcoming deadlines to respond to stipulations
  • Items in your iRIS task list that are waiting for your sign-off (for PIs)

The IRB was are of a few isolated incidents of the notifications not working, but learned only this week that the glitch is widespread. 


What this means for Researchers

  • If you have a study that is nearing its expiration date, you will not have received any reminders to submit a continuing review during the last 4 weeks. 
  • If you were sent stipulations by the IRB that you have not responded to yet, you will not have received reminders to respond within the 21- or 45- day deadline during the last 4 weeks. 
  • If you are a PI, you may not have a "Submission Routing Signoff" task waiting for you in iRIS that you were not notified during the last 4 weeks. 



  • If you have a study that is expiring within the next 6 weeks, we strongly encourage you to submit your continuing review with no changes incorporated, if possible. Including a modification within your continuing review could slow down the approval time, and we do not want to risk expiration.
  • Look at your studies in iRIS and check your expiration dates
    • If a study expired in the last few weeks and you did not submit a continuing review, stop all study activity immediately and submit a continuing review (ideally with no changes). 
    • If you study shows as Expired but you did submit a continuing review and know that is was recently approved, contact the IRB office so we can fix the error. 
  • Look at your IRB Study Tasks in iRIS: 
    • See if you have any "Submission Correction: or "Submission Response" tasks that require action.  If you passed the deadline for responding, please respond to the stipulations as soon as possible. 
    • If you are a PI and have a submission waiting to sent to the IRB, see if you have any "Submission Routing Signoff" tasks pending. 



We sincerely apologize that this happened.  If you have questions, contact the IRB at 476-1814 or [email protected]