Tissue Core Staffing Shortage

Dear UCSF Clinical Research Community,On behalf of BIOS, the HRPP Office is sending this important message.

The Tissue Core (BIOS) is experiencing an unexpected and substantial staffing shortage due to COVID-19. 

The Tissue Core is currently experiencing a staffing shortage of 50%, which is anticipated to extend for approximately two weeks. During this time, the Tissue Core is prioritizing surgical tissue and biopsy collection requests and ask that study teams reschedule biofluid (blood, urine, etc.) collection appointments until after 1/24/2021, when possible. We will continue to support biofluid requests when a delayed appointment time will have direct negative implications to the study participants and will leave this to the discretion of the PI/study team. We understand that this presents a major challenge for our study teams and appreciate your support and assistance during these trying times. 


The Tissue Core