Access to Clinical Data for Research From the UCSF Medical Center and SFGH

Clinical Data Research Consultations (CDRC) is a service offered by the Academic Research Systems (ARS) that extracts data sets from UCSF Medical Center hospital and San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) data sources for research purposes. CDRC is the authorized source of clinical data for research. The Committee on Human Research (CHR) strongly encourages the use of the CDRC when accessing clinical data for research purposes.
Typical uses of CDRC data include:
  • Identifying of patient populations with specific conditions for study recruitment or chart review
  • Outcomes research using historical data in hospital databases
  • Summary statistics
The CDRC provides two primary service offerings: data extraction and the honest broker service provider. The data extraction service offering extracts de-identified, aggregate, or identified patient data sets from UCSF Medical Center and San Francisco General Hospital data sources. A current and relevant CHR protocol is required for all identified data extractions. The extracted data sets are delivered to the requestor through their MyResearch account. This service offering includes both one-time and reoccurring data pulls.
The honest broker service offering includes the de-identification of extracted patient data sets. All identifying information is removed from a data set and retained by the ARS team for future use by research teams under the auspices of a current and relevant CHR application. A proxy medical record number is generated and attached to each patient record in the data set. ARS maintains a mapping between the proxy medical record number and the real medical record number for all patient records in the data set. This enables ARS to re-identify the patient records if needed. The final data set is the de-identified patient data set that includes the proxy medical record numbers.
Currently available SFGH data sets include longitudinal Community Health Network (CHN) patient data from SFGH and other Department of Public Health (DPH) medical facilities. Currently available UCSF Medical Center data sets include longitudinal patient data from the APeX, UCare, and Apollo clinical systems. Extractions of de-identified and aggregate patient data sets from the UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, and UC Davis hospital data sources are also available on a pilot basis through the University of California Research eXchange (UC ReX) program.
To request this service, complete the online Clinical Data Research Consultation Request form at Select “Consulting and Planning,” then select “Clinical Data Research Consultations Request Form.” Please note requestors will be required to log into MyAccess in order to continue this process. ARS will then confirm that a valid, current CHR application exists for the study and will review each CHR application to ensure that the parameters of each request are consistent with the specifications of the application. ARS will require the requestor to submit a minor modification to the CHR if additional approval is needed in order to provide the requested data set.
ARS will schedule a consultation meeting between the analyst programmer and the requestor and a Statement of Work detailing costs and an estimated date of completion will be provided prior to any work being performed. The extracted data set will be provided in a comma separate value (CSV), Excel, or SAS file format and be delivered to the Principal Investigator’s (PI) MyResearch share.
The cost of the Clinical Data Request Consultation service is $106 per hour with the first eight hours of work provided to the PI without cost per fiscal year.
To learn more, please visit CDRC FAQ page or contact the Academic Research Systems team at [email protected].