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What is iRIS?

iRIS (formerly known as iMedRIS) is the online application system you will use to submit your new study and all subsequent IRB submissions. The Human Gamete, Embryo, and Stem Cell Research Committee (GESCR) also utilizes iRIS.

iRIS enables online tracking, review, post-approval compliance activities and data management. The system also functions as a document repository, providing you with easy access to study records and documents. You can use iRIS anywhere you have internet access, connecting research partners around the world.


Accessing iRIS

Login into iRIS

You will submit all new studies and subsequent submissions to the IRB or to GESCR via iRIS, our online application and review system. All studies use the same iRIS application, which branches in response to the information you provide about the study. Learn more about iRIS.

You must have a MyAccess account to access iRIS. Follow these instructions to obtain an account. Use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) is not recommended.

Instructions to Logging into iRIS for the first time.

  • Go to https://iris.ucsf.edu or click the "IRB - iRIS" link in MyAccess.
  • If prompted, select an iRIS account request reason. If you are a resident or fellow, click the new faculty option. Then click “Create Account.”
  • You will submit and manage your IRB studies in the "IRB Study Assistant"
  • For assistance, please review the help resources.

The current version of iRIS is compatible with all browsers. Turn off the web browser’s pop-up blocker for the iRIS site.

  • If you receive the pop-up error message 'blockUI requires jQuery v.1.2.3 or later! You are using 1.11.1,' clear the cache in your browser
  • Consult with your Desktop Support analyst regarding which version of browser you should use based on the applications you access. 

iRIS undergoes regular maintenance on the third Sunday of the month from 8-9 am. Please log out prior to 8 a.m. and do not use the system until after 9 a.m. to prevent loss of work.

Important – Please note even if the iRIS system appears to be up during the maintenance period you should not log in until after the maintenance window has ended.


iRIS Help

  • Videos  We have uploaded three new help videos on the iRIS Help website (MyAccess login required). These videos contain step-by-step instructions for completing the following tasks in iRIS. We plan to add more videos in the future.
  1. Home Screen & Study Documents: This video provides a brief tour of the iRIS Home Screen and shows you how to locate your past and current study documents.
  2. Who's my IRB Analyst? This video takes you through the steps of identifying which IRB Analyst has been assigned to process your study submission.
  3. Finding Your IRB Approval Letter: This video shows you how to access and save your past and current IRB approval letters, and discusses the important regulatory information that is included in the letters.
  • Quick Guides – Our PDF quick guides contain step-by-step instructions and screenshots. They are available on the iRIS Help website or within iRIS by clicking on the Help button in the right-hand corner.
  • Submission Instructions – Read our instructions and guidance on entering new studies and other submissions in iRIS.
  • iRIS FAQs – Get answers to the most common questions about iRIS.
  • Training Classes –The IRB offers several in-person training sessions. Registration is required.
  • Application Help Links – If you get stuck answering a question in iRIS, hover over the help bubble next to the question and then click on the link that appears.
  • iRIS Application Outlines – The outlines include all potential sections you may need to complete and can be used as guides. They are available in the Help section in iRIS.

You can also contact us at [email protected] or (415) 476-1814.

Last updated: September 27, 2023