ACTION NEEDED: Affiliates with Access Requested Through the IRB

In August 2019, the UCSF IRB started transferring responsibility for request and maintenance of affiliate access to UCSF networks and applications back to the PI’s department. This change was made to enhance campus network security, ensure that people for whom affiliate access is being requested have been properly vetted, and ensure that their access is terminated when they leave the project or program.

People for whom affiliate access was requested through the UCSF IRB office may have been set up with the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) as their department. The IRB will discontinue access for affiliates that are registered to the HRPP on June 30, 2021.

Action Needed:

If you have members of your research team who are not UCSF employees but have UCSF affiliate access that was set up through the UCSF IRB office, or if you are unsure whether any team members have affiliate access through the IRB, please contact your department administrator to ensure your research support staff are set up through the PI’s department and that their expiration dates are being tracked so you can request extensions when needed.