Changes to the Scientific and Feasibility Review Requirement

Sent on behalf of: Terri O’Lonergan, MA, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor of Ethics and Compliance, and Jennifer Grandis, MD, Associate Vice Chancellor of Clinical and Translational Research
Effective immediately, UCSF Principal investigators (PIs) are no longer required to obtain scientific/scholarly review or feasibility analysis prior to submitting a research project to the Committee on Human Research (CHR), unless it is required by the PI's Division, Department or Organization ( e.g., Comprehensive Cancer Center Protocol Review Committee (PRC), Clinical Research Services (CRS) Advisory Committees, and the VAMC Clinical Research Subcommittee).
The CHR may still request a scientific review if it is unclear whether a study has adequate scientific merit. In such cases, the PI will be referred to the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) CRS Protocol Services at UCSF for scientific review. The CHR website has been updated to reflect this change.
We strongly encourage researchers to determine if the targeted enrollment of any proposed study is feasible in light of the UCSF patient population.
Please contact Terri O’Lonergan or Jennifer Grandis if you have any questions regarding the change to the Scientific and Feasibility Review requirements.
Please contact the Committee on Human Research at (415) 476-1814 or [email protected] with any questions on how this may impact your CHR submission(s).