iRIS 11.02 Upgrade


May 16, 2019

Re: iRIS 11.02 Upgrade


iRIS has been upgraded to version 11.02, which includes the following changes:

  • New “View my Study Submissions Status” feature added to the iRIS home screen allowing teams to easily view all the submissions currently in process with the IRB o This includes a new ‘Steps’ button showing the status of the submission (e.g. pre-submission, pre-review, completed, etc.)
  • Password protected attachments are no longer allowed
  • New limitations on submitting multiple simultaneous submissions for a single study


For details and visuals about these changes and how they may affect you, please visit the IRB-iRIS Help Site at (requires MyAccess login). Once you are logged into the IRB-iRIS Help Site:

1. Click “iRIS IRB Study Assistant Release Notes”
2. Click “iRIS 11.02 Release Notes for UCSF (Release Date 5/15/19)”


If you have questions about the iRIS update, please contact the IRB at 415-476-1814 or [email protected].