iRIS Offline Dates & Temporary Disabling of “Create PDF Packet”



To: Investigators and Staff

iRIS Offline Dates & Temporary Disabling of “Create PDF Packet”

Announcement #1: New Version of iRIS + Offline Dates

On October 22nd, UCSF will launch a new version of iRIS, the online submission system that the IRB uses. iRIS will be offline from 7pm Friday October 19th until 2pm Sunday October 21st. Users will not be able to work in iRIS during this window.

iRIS v.11 includes an updated homepage and improvements requested by the UCSF campus community. Details about specific changes and new guidance materials will be emailed to campus shortly.

Announcement #2: Temporary Disabling of ‘Create PDF Packet’ feature

Over the past couple of months, some users have experienced data loss when creating a PDF from either the Review Response Form or the signoff sheet before they submit.

This issue will be fixed in the October 22nd version of iRIS. In the meantime, the ‘Create PDF Packet’ button will be hidden to prevent users from losing their answers prior to submission.

Here’s the button that’s been causing the problem:

The ‘Create PDF Packet’ button has been hidden:

If you need to create a PDF packet between now and October 22nd, call the iRIS Analyst on call at 415-476-1814 for help printing your submission.