Reminder to close inactive external IRB-reviewed studies in iRIS

Please read this message if you have studies that are reviewed by an external IRB (any IRB other than UCSF’s IRB). These studies are identifiable in iRIS by any one of the following “IRB Study Status” designations:

  • CIRB Reviewed
  • Private IRB Reviewed
  • Other Non-UCSF IRB Reviewed
  • UC BRAID Relying on Other UC
  • UC MOU Relying

The UCSF Human Research Protection Program reminds investigators and study teams that studies reviewed by an external IRB must be closed in iRIS when all research activities are completed. Please review your studies in iRIS and submit a Study Closeout Report for any studies that meet the criteria for closure. Step-by-step instructions can be found here (MyAccess login required). 


If you have questions, please contact the IRB Office by submitting an Ask Andy query.