IRB Winter Schedule 2022

Per the official UCOP holiday and winter calendar, the IRB office will observe the following closure dates:

  • Friday Dec. 23
  • Monday Dec. 26
  • Friday Dec. 30
  • Monday Jan. 2

The IRB office will be open with limited staffing on December 27th-29th. The IRB response times on Analyst of the Day questions may be impacted. However, staff will be alert for any issues requiring urgent attention.

Help is available even when the office is closed!

The HRPP website offers detailed guidance about:

PDF guides offer step-by-step instructions for completing the following actions (requires MyAccess login):

  • Annual check-in for studies that do not expire ("Study follow-up" task)
  • Fill out and submit the Personnel Changes form
  • Fill out and submit the Protocol Enrollment Exception Request form
  • Submit post-approval forms (modifications, continuing reviews, adverse events, protocol violations, etc.
  • Compare different versions of documents and form
  • Download and print your IRB Approval Packet
  • Add personnel to the IRB application
  • Attach an active consent form (with no changes) for continuing review
  • Revise and/or add documents and consent forms to a submission
  • Track your IRB submission status
  • Find and View “Acknowledged” Study Documents (Post-Approval Event Report Submissions)
  • Closeout for external review studies

Interactive tutorials guide you through the following tasks in iRIS (requires MyAccess login): 

  • iRIS 101Track a study and identify the IRB analyst, locate your approval letter, find consent forms and other study documents
  • Submitting a New IRB StudyCreate a new study application, complete the Initial Review Submission Packet, attach documents to your study, track your submission
  • Making Changes to Approved IRB StudiesSubmit modifications or personnel changes, compare document versions
  • Responding to Linked Stipulations from the IRBRevise the study application and consent forms in response to IRB stipulations, add and remove documents, signoff and submit, retract a submission

Exemplary IRB Applications (requires MyAccess login):

Redacted copies of well-prepared IRB applications to be used as a reference for how the application can be filled out, and to show some of the different branching paths that the application can take for different types of studies.