IRB Winter Schedule 2023-2024

Per the official UCOP holiday and winter calendar, the IRB office will observe the following closure dates: 

  • Monday Dec. 25 
  • Tuesday Dec. 26 
  • Friday Dec. 29 
  • Monday Jan. 1 

The IRB office will be open with limited staffing on December 27th-28th. The IRB response times on Analyst of the Day questions may be impacted.  

Help is available even when the office is closed! 

The HRPP website offers detailed guidance about: 

Interactive tutorials guide you through the following tasks in iRIS (requires MyAccess login):  

  • iRIS 101Track a study and identify the IRB analyst, locate your approval letter, find consent forms and other study documents 
  • Submitting a New IRB StudyCreate a new study application, complete the Initial Review Submission Packet, attach documents to your study, track your submission 
  • Making Changes to Approved IRB StudiesSubmit modifications or personnel changes, compare document versions 
  • Responding to Linked Stipulations from the IRBRevise the study application and consent forms in response to IRB stipulations, add and remove documents, signoff and submit, retract a submission   

PDF guides offer step-by-step instructions for completing the following actions (requires MyAccess login): 

  • Annual check-in for studies that do not expire ("Study follow-up" task) 
  • Fill out and submit the Personnel Changes form 
  • Fill out and submit the Protocol Enrollment Exception Request form 
  • Submit post-approval forms (modifications, continuing reviews, adverse events, protocol violations, etc. 
  • Compare different versions of documents and form 
  • Download and print your IRB Approval Packet 
  • Add personnel to the IRB application 
  • Attach an active consent form (with no changes) for continuing review 
  • Revise and/or add documents and consent forms to a submission 
  • Track your IRB submission status 
  • Find and View “Acknowledged” Study Documents (Post-Approval Event Report Submissions) 
  • Closeout for external review studies 
  • Find your approval letters 
  • Find your consent forms and other study documents 
  • Fix corruptible files 
  • Bug fix for studies using IRB application form version 93 

Exemplary IRB Applications (requires MyAccess login): Redacted copies of well-prepared IRB applications to be used as a reference for how the application can be filled out, and to show some of the different branching paths that the application can take for different types of studies.