Financial Conflict of Interest (COI) in Research


Federal regulations, state laws and University policies establish standards and requirements regarding the disclosure and management of financial conflicts of interest in research to ensure that the design, conduct and reporting of research is free from bias.  Actual or potential conflicts of interest are reviewed by an independent substantive review committee. At UCSF, that committee is the Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee (COIAC).  

IRB Study Application

The IRB Application asks you to respond “Yes” or “No” to the following statement: "Do you [the PI] or any other responsible personnel (or the spouse, registered domestic partner and/or dependent children thereof) have financial interests related to this study?" Additional information on financial conflict of interest in research is available on the Financial Conflict of Interest in Research website.

Informed Consent Form Language

Investigators must disclose the nature of any financial or proprietary interests in the consent form. If the Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee (COIAC) determines that an investigator has a conflict, they will provide a statement that must be included in the consent form. See the consent form template and Companion Document for instructions.

Last updated: October 10, 2023