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Consent Form Templates

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Exempt Consent Templates and Guidance


Consent Form Templates

These templates are appropriate for studies that require expedited or full committee review. There are separate consent templates for exempt research, which includes some research that involves educational tests, surveys, interviews or focus groups.

Please note:

Template by Type of Research

Last Updated

Biomedical and Cancer

September 2017 (Cost section updated)

Social or Behavioral

December 2018 (Treatment and compensation for injury section added for some studies)

One-time Survey

May 2018 (Privacy and confidentiality section updated)

Simple Blood Draw

December 2015

Biological Specimens – GWAS Compliant

December 2015

Consent to Be Contacted for Future Research

December 2015

Consent Form Addendum (general) —Use if you need to provide new study info to previously enrolled subjects.

March 2016
Enrollment Exception Consent Form Addendum -- Use if you are submitting a Protocol Enrollment Exception Request Form and there is a specific risk information for the individual subject. January 2018

Humanitarian Use Device —You may also use the sponsor’s version of the consent form, as long as you modify it to identify the UCSF investigator's name, department, and local contact number and provide the contact number for the UCSF IRB (415-476-1814).

May 2016

VA Consent Form 10-1086 Template — See the SFVAMC page for info on this form.


Sample Assent Forms

Age of Children Last Updated
Assent #1 - For children 7-12 (simple) December 2004
Assent #2 - For more complex study, more mature children December 2004
Assent #3 - For adolescents 13-17 December 2004
Guidance on Obtaining Assent and Parental Permission  

Other Forms

UCSF Subject Authorization for Release of PHI for Research and Additional HIPAA-related Forms and Guidance

Experimental Subjects Bill of Rights (English) and Other Languages

Federal Requirements for Approving Consent Forms Checklist (Note: UCSF consent form templates incorporate all of the federal requirements.)

Consent Form Checklist for Using a Non-UCSF Consent Form