When UCSF Can Serve as IRB of Record

Federally funded studies at grant stage

As part of the new common rule and the NIH single IRB mandate, all domestic multi-site research studies are required to use a single IRB. You will need to consult with the UCSF IRB to determine which institution should serve as the IRB of Record before submitting your proposal. Please fill out this form as soon as possible and email it to [email protected]. You will be contacted for a consultation.

You will be asked to schedule a call to discuss your study. You will be emailed after the call with all information needed for your grant application or instructions on how to pursue using other IRBs as the reviewing IRB.

Examples of the most common federal funders: NIH (all institutes), DoD, DoJ, AHRQ, CDC, etc.

All other studies

If you would like UCSF to act as the IRB of Record for a site in your study, please fill out this Request Form.

We ask that you fill out this form prior to submitting your initial review/modification to the UCSF IRB whenever possible to prevent inefficiencies in the IRB process.

Further instructions will be provided after IRB receipt of the Request Form.


  • Reliance Request Form - This form is used when a study team would like to request that a collaborating site(s) use the UCSF IRB as its IRB of Record. 


Last updated: September 27, 2023