Exempt Consent Templates and Guidance

Consent Guidance for Exempt Research

For exempt research that involves interaction with subjects, there usually should be a process to ask subjects to participate and confirm their agreement. However, signed consent is not required for exempt research, and the consent process and documents can be much simpler than those required for non-exempt research.

Verbal or implied consent is usually sufficient for exempt research that involves interaction with subjects. For some purely observational research, consent may not be necessary.

    Exempt Consent Templates

        Note: These templates are appropriate for exempt research only. Use the regular consent and assent form templates for expedited or full committee research studies.

        Template by Type of Research

        Last Updated

        Anonymous Survey

        May 2022

        Confidential Survey

        May 2022

        Education Survey Information Sheet

        December 2015

        Focus Group Information Sheet

        May 2022

        Interview Information Sheet

        May 2022

        Verbal Consent

        December 2015

        Last updated: May 4, 2022