IRB Leadership Group

The IRB Leadership Group is composed of the HRPP Director and the Chairs and Vice Chairs of all five IRB Committees. The group meets monthly to address major HRPP policy issues, increase harmonization of review processes across panels, and develop standard protocol review practices.


Edward Kuczynski, MA

Director, HRPP

Reese T. Jones, MD

Chair, Laurel Heights IRB

Patricia Katz, PhD

Vice Chair, Laurel Heights IRB

Diane W. Wara, MD

Vice Chair, Laurel Heights IRB

Victor I. Reus, MD

Chair, Parnassus IRB

Carol S. Viele, RN, MS

Vice Chair, Parnassus IRB

Errol P. Lobo, MD, PhD

Vice Chair, Parnassus IRB

Alan Venook, MD

Chair, Mount Zion IRB

Megumi Okumura, MD

Vice Chair, Mount Zion IRB

Jennifer Michlitsch, MD

Chair, Oakland IRB

Arthur D’Harlingue, MD

Vice Chair, Oakland IRB

Thomas P. Bersot, MD, PhD


Jacqueline Tulsky, MD

Vice Chair, ZSFG IRB

Kieron Leslie, MD, DTM&H

Vice Chair, ZSFG IRB

Gordon L. Fung, MD, PhD, MPH Chair, Mission Bay IRB
Sarah Tabbutt, MD, PhD Vice Chair, MIssion Bay IRB

Last updated: January 9, 2024