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Resources IRB Members

Thank you for your invaluable contribution of time and expertise. Please use the resources below when conducting your IRB reviews.

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IRB Member Responsibilities

All IRB members have the following responsibilities:

  • To be committed to the protection of human subjects in research;
  • To attend IRB meetings on a regular basis, arriving on time and staying for the entire session whenever possible;
  • To evaluate the assigned protocols according to the 3 principles in the Belmont Report and according to the policies and procedures as outlined in the IRB Member Handbook prior to the meeting;
  • To determine which applications, if any, require more than annual consideration, and to determine which projects, if any, require verification of any facts from sources other the investigator;
  • To approve or to establish any conditions necessary for approval to protect subjects, or to disapprove any research activities reviewed by the IRB, with full explanation to applicants;
  • To have the authority to observe or have a third party observe the consent process;
  • To undertake any special projects necessary to assure that the committee's decisions are as fully informed as possible;
  • To request aid of non-voting consultants, if necessary;
  • To respect the confidentiality of review materials and member discussions at the meetings;
  • To provide advice and counsel to research groups, departments and individual investigators;
  • To review material regarding protection of human subjects which is to be distributed to campus faculty and administrative offices; and,
  • To help implement Governmental and University policy regarding human research.