New iMedRIS email for iRIS notifications

Add [email protected] to Outlook “Safe Senders” List 

Updated 12/18/19: This bulletin has been updated to include instructions for Mac and OWA users.


What’s happening?

iMedRIS, the company that owns iRIS, has migrated the hosting of iRIS to a cloud environment (Amazon Web Services- AWS). With this migration, all automated iRIS notification emails are now being sent from a new email address: [email protected] (formerly [email protected]). This includes email reminders about continuing reviews, response deadlines, submissions awaiting PI signoff, requests for changes from the IRB, and approval letter notifications.

How does this affect iRIS Users?

To ensure that you are receiving email notifications from iRIS, please add [email protected] to your “Safe Senders” list in Outlook. If you think you may have missed any notifications, check your junk mail and search for emails from [email protected].

Open the link for instructions for adding [email protected] to your “Safe Senders” for:

Note: The instructions provided below are for the most common use case scenarios. If the instructions do not work with your computer, please look online for how to add a safe sender to your specific email service and operating system, or contact IT support.