IRB News: Changes in Affiliate Access

IRB News, Changes in affiliate access

Starting August 12th, 2019, the IRB will no longer sponsor or coordinate Affiliate Access for the iRIS online IRB system.

Principal Investigators who oversee research personnel at the SF VAMC, NCIRE, Zuckerberg San Francisco General or other affiliated organizations should request standard affiliate access through their own department’s HR Service Center Team. Affiliates will need to be renewed annually or discontinued through the department, as appropriate.

Non-UCSF investigators and research support staff who do NOT need to use the iRIS system no longer need to have affiliate access or to be listed in the Key Study Personnel section of the IRB application. They can now be listed as Affiliated Personnel in the Qualifications of Investigators section at the end of the IRB application form.

The HRPP website has been updated to reflect these changes.

Please contact the HRPP for questions.

[email protected]