What happened:

Last night a test environment sent inaccurate email notifications to study teams. The emails included expiration notices, continuing review due reminders, pending corrections and other types of notifications.

Why this happened:

Human Research Protection Program

September 9, 2019

To: Investigators and Staff Conducting Minimal Risk Research

Updated Radiation Safety Committee template language for Biomedical and Cancer Center Informed Consents

The information included in this message is a follow-up message regarding the IRB bulletin sent on 8/5/19.

IRB News, Changes in affiliate access

Starting August 12th, 2019, the IRB will no longer sponsor or coordinate Affiliate Access for the iRIS online IRB system.

To: Investigators and Staff

Re: IRB News, Changes in requirements and reporting

The following notice provides updates regarding the new Common Rule requirements, Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee review, and iRIS (IRB submission system) guidance.

June 14, 2019

Problem and Resolution re: Notifications Emails Not Sent


What Happened

The iRIS system experienced a glitch where automated email notifications to study teams have not been going out since 5/15/19.  These emails are courtesy reminders about actions you need to take regarding: 

May 16, 2019

Re: iRIS 11.02 Upgrade


iRIS has been upgraded to version 11.02, which includes the following changes:

To: Investigators and Staff

iRIS System Upgrade

What is happening?

The iRIS platform is being upgraded to include new features and improved functionality.

How does this affect you?

Dear Colleagues,

In preparation for an upcoming new version of iRIS, IRB staff will be conducting office-wide testing today, March 25th from 9 AM-2 PM. Response times to your phone calls and emails during this time will be delayed. This full system testing will help ensure a smooth roll out later this Spring.